Who Doesn’t love a panda? The Goth of the forest that spends its days eating bamboo and practicing kung Fu. Pandas are the real king of the Jungle let me tell you, they are just cool. Did I mention they love bamboo? They spend 14 hours a day eating the stuff, imagine if you could spend that much time just eating your favourite food, bliss. They’ve got it right that’s for sure. The one downside is they can be kind of silly apparently and the collective name for a group of pandas is, well…. An embarrassment of pandas. It makes me love them more.

With that in mind our brand new bambootiful cocktail of the month is definitely not for them, yes it’s made of bamboo but imagine how embarrassing they will get after having a taste of this delicious mix!

Mixing the best vodka in the world Belvedere with Watermelon liqueur, strawberry couli, sugar syrup and a splash of lemon, this drink will get your mouth watering and it’s served in an elegant bamboo cup that just gives the experience a nicer, sophisticated touch. I highly recommend giving it a try but don’t tell your panda friends, or dress up as a panda, I got told off for that.