Something for the senses

It’s getting to that time of the year where we can finally step out of the door without wearing so many layers to make an onion cry.  The sun is starting to show a few shy rays of light and we can all start trimming our bushes.

The funny thing about spring is we have been starved of heat for so long, that when we get a tiny bit of sunshine, the shorts get dusted off and everyone gets into the garden and has a bbq! It’s only 12 degrees outside but after the great British winter we will take it and milk it for all it’s worth.

However to really enjoy it, we do like to be in the garden pottering about, and that means gardening. Some people love gardening, planting planty things and digging up dirt to plant some more planty things. I tried it, realised it wasn’t for me, and now boast I have a wild garden. I can’t help but wonder if their must be a more enjoyable way to enjoy gardening. A way to merge those planty things (flowers) with the more fun side of being out in the sun. A drink with friends and getting our socialising on.

Enter our next cocktail of the month! It is Bloomin’ Marvellous. No seriously, that’s what we called it.

As we were digging holes and filling our trugs and gasping for a drink, we thought it would be more fun if said trug were a tasty tipple and we could use that watering can to keep topping it up. So that’s exactly what we did, after shrinking down said trug in the sun for a bit we managed to get a perfect vessel, but we needed something that really epitomised gardening. Something florally, hence why we got a bit creative. After mixing Belvedere vodka with a touch of triple sec, we decided to shovel in some apples and cranberry (juice) with a trimming of elderflower (cordial). But we just couldn’t stop there, we’ve added grapefruit bitters, and decided to use our trusty watering can to top the mix up with hibiscus flavored water for when it is running a bit dry.


So we’ve got a flippin fantastic mix that you get to make bloom with a touch of something extra, and the real pretty part about it all is we turned the cocktail into a more sensory experience. Using Mint, Thyme and Rosemary herbs to enhance the smell of nature. Which is then further enhanced if you spray the included flowers with our very own, homemade, rhubarb perfume included with the drink that is drinkable and smells better than fresh pansies.

So when the suns out get the bbq out, but if you want a true taste of spring, it’s about “thyme” you head on to the Dial.