Have you heard the Buzz about town? That’s right it’s cocktail of the month time!

We’ve got a sweet tooth here at the Dial and so we decided to use real honey in the mix today with a hint of vanilla and the main event being Bumbu rum. Bumbu is an exquisite tasting rum which got its name from the 16th and 17th century sailors who didn’t like the taste of traditional rum and instead, mixed it with Caribbean fruits and spices to make their own rum, naming It Bumbu. It is made in small batches, aged for up to 15 years on the original rum island, Barbados. Unlike some other rums that use caramel colourings to make it look aged, Bumbu uses all natural ingredients which give it a rich look and taste.

Of course we like to keep things interesting here and our mix is all tied together using the Coca cola Herbal mixer. Coke is possibly THE most popular mixer in the world and the mixer range is specifically made to be used alongside the spirits we enjoy them with, specifically the dark spirits like the amazing Bumbu rum.

So join us for a drink of BUMBU-BEE and enjoy the honeycomb garnish with it.