Caramelised White Chocolate

We are chocolate lovers here at The Dial, we can’t get enough of the stuff.  On this month’s dessert menu we have a treat for anyone that is partial to a spot of white chocolate.

Our White Chocolate and Orange Mousse combines a classical combination of chocolate and orange; to mix it up a bit we have taken it a step further by caramelising the white chocolate to give it a slightly caramel note whilst still retaining the essence of white chocolate.

For this recipe, it is best to use a white chocolate that has a cocoa solid content of at least 28% in order to get a smooth caramelised result, any lower and you could end up with wasted chocolate.

To give the dessert a bit of texture and crunch we serve it with cinnamon flavoured tuile biscuits, which are wafer thin and crisp.  To make the tuile biscuits you will need to make a template in your desired size and shape; we use the lids off plastic containers, they are easy to cut and are the ideal thickness for spreading the tuile biscuit batter.

We garnish the dessert with shards of caramelised white chocolate, the process is easy but is time consuming, it is not something that you can walk away from for more than 10 minutes at a time but the final result is well worth the effort.  You might want to make a double batch; once you have had a taste it will not last very long!  Once made, the chocolate shards are best kept in the freezer until it is time to serve.

Click on the following link to get the full recipe card for this dessert.

Caramelized White Chocolate