‘Berry Good For You’ The Indecent Smoothie

January finally has its cold blue hands on us, the New Year’s resolutions we made are actually having to be done, the gyms are at bursting point and the stacks of Christmas chocolates are finally gone. For most people, January means the fun times are over, now is the time to eat clean and train dirty.

But doesn’t a green salad and a glass of water sound a little bit dull? Wouldn’t it be nice to have a treat and not have to worry about destroying all of your hard work so far?

Never fear, The Dial is here and we’ve got your back!

For those of you supporting Dry January, we salute you! But here’s a fair warning, you might want to avoid this bit of smooth temptation… and for those who aren’t, please enjoy responsibly!

Introducing the ‘Berry Good For You’ cocktail of the month!

We have taken some of Mother nature’s fruits (sorry Mother nature!) and blended them together to pack in as many nutrients and anti oxidants as possible. It “nearly” counts as one of your 5 a day!

This indecent smoothie will excite you; revitalise you and make those resolutions easier to stick to. Remember not all calories are bad calories! We burn them every day to keep us functioning and giving you the goodness you deserve.


“So what’s in it!?” I hear you shout…

Well for a start we have a full cup of blueberries, a well known super food, then added a whole apple and a little honey, (nature’s natural sweetener). Next up is almond milk, perfect for the lactose intolerant and packs plenty of nutrients. Regular milk that we steal from cows is supposed to be for baby cows (who wants to steal from a baby?) Besides, what’s almond milk for? Baby almonds? Lastly we have the (slightly) naughty part; we just couldn’t resist adding the smooth, delectable taste of Ciroc Apple Vodka. One of the newest additions to the Dial’s spirit family and one of the best. This is all blended together and topped with granola to make the ultimate smoothie!

So, if you’re trying to stick to the health kick, on a juicing diet or just fancy a new tipple, treat yourself and give The Dial a visit, where naughty and nice don’t have to be opposites.

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Rory- Mixologist at The Dial