We think that our lunch time offer is pretty special. But we’ve only gone and made it extra special!

Enjoy classic steak, French fries, dressed leaves and peppercorn & shallot sauce all for £10.

The Flat Iron (supposedly named because it looks like an old fashioned metal flat iron) is uniform in thickness and rectangular in shape. It is also known as Top Blade Steak, Butlers’ steak, or Oyster blade steak.

The flat iron is cut with the grain and taken from the ‘feather’ muscle which is in the chuck and blade section (shoulder) of the beef animal. External gristle from the muscle is removed leaving nicely marbled lean steak. It is best cooked rare or medium rare in order to bring out the natural sweetness.

Making a resurgence, this little known, extremely tender and juicy steak is becoming very popular in the UK just as it is in America.

This steak has a deep, rich flavour which makes it perfect not only on it’s own but also as meat for many dishes.

We serve our flat iron pink with the classic accompaniment of a rich peppercorn sauce and French fries.

Served exclusively at lunchtime, Monday- Saturday 12 noon-5pm.