Mmmm doughnuts…. I pretty much guarantee that’s the thought you have when you see a box of freshly baked doughnuts. Just sitting there, looking all pretty.. and doughy, and sweet… mmm know theres not much else that has such a positive reaction from people, except for puppies, but we are not here to talk about that, we are here to talk about our all new cocktail of the month!

Yes we love doughnuts so much we just had to make a cocktail and put it in one. But that just got a bit soggy, do-not worry thought instead we have a fantastic looking doughnut cup for you to enjoy your drink from and we even include a tasty little doughnut as garnish!

But we doughnut wont to glaze over what the cocktail actually is, so we’ve used Red Door Gin, a gin from Scotland that has a heart of juniper and takes great inspiration from its origins. We love it so much we even wrote an article about it on our website, check out the spirit spotlight issue 22 over on our blog to read more about it. We have paired red door with raspberry liqueur, white chocolate and fresh raspberries to create the jam in our door-nut (that’s the name you see!)

So this month if you fancy a sweet treat along with a tasty gin, be sure ask at the bar for the Gin Door-nut.