Breakfast is considered to be one the most important meals of the day, with the right meal you are set to go and conquer the day. For many of us, there is nothing more iconic than toast and marmalade, so what better way to start your night of fun than with the most iconic, the most important meal, brought to you in the form of a cocktail! This month we’ve only gone and created Grand Marmalade!

We’ve used a mix of triple sec, orange juice and the legendary Grand Marnier to create a hint of marmalade. Gran Marnier is an orange scented, Cognac based spirit with a punch that packs a lot of history. You have more than likely come across it while drinking margaritas by the pool or sipping on a classic sidecar at the bar. It goes back to the late 1800s and was even one of the few artefacts salvaged from the wreckage of the Titanic.

So we’ve created the orangey zest of marmalade but where does the toast come into play? Well we tried serving it on toast but that just got soggy, instead we introduced a twist. Instead we’ve used TOASTed marshmallow to add a sweet twist to the drink this mix is all served with a giant toasted marshmallow too, just in case you get a bit peckish.

So this month, don’t go against the grain and join us for a toast with Grand Marmalade.