It’s June and it’s time for the glorious British summer, all three days of it! And don’t we just make the most of it? The deck chairs come out, the BBQs are fired up and if you’re like me you put on your favourite pair of shorts to show off your brilliant white legs.

When all is said and done, the grass is mowed and the gardening complete, we like to spend the evening sun relaxing with a cold drink. Preferably a jug of something fruity, or even better a jug of sangria. Well we had a think and we wanted you to enjoy the best of both of those glorious feelings in one lovely juggly jug. We made the Jug-roni.

The Jug-roni is a beautiful creation, we used campari, an aperitif especially popular in Italy and created so well that its original recipe hasn’t changed since it was originally made back in the 1860s, and to this day the recipe is a closely guarded secret, known only to its creators. So what did we pair it with? Well Campari has had a fierce relationship with gin for many years, we know they work together because the Negroni is yet another classic cocktail that has stood the test of time and can only be made with Campari, gin and vermouth; So gin was our next addition but to make it that fruity mix we were after, we went ahead and shook our part negroni with orange juice, grenadine and elderflower cordial. We then strained our red mixture into a handheld jug and added plenty of slices of fresh orange to add to the taste.


All this created a fruity cocktail that has the deep red look of Campari and sangria with the the zesty taste thanks to the oranges. Lovely Juggly.