Love is magic

Some believe that love is magic, a thing that is as special as it is rare. Something we cannot control ourselves to feel but a thing that every person craves. We want it so badly that we believe that a tiny fellow flying through the air with wings and a bow, wearing nothing but a pair of pants will help us find that special someone. Like some sort of love wizard (also the name of my first band).

Love is science

Others believe, the less knowledgeable ones probably, that love is simply a chemical reaction. A simple release of chemicals that is released when we smell, touch (or taste) that someone we find attractive. That in it self is some sort of magic that only a few of us can understand.

So, what if we can use science and a touch of magic to create love? After all, that’s all Tinder is doing right? Well we got our lab coats on and got to work in our very own laBARatory. After mixing a few very special ingredients we realised that something was missing, the spark just wasn’t there. We didn’t have the magic ingredient. So after a long hard journey, searching the planet, we finally found the magic, online. Amazon obviously, they have everything.

Nothing compares

This month, we wanted you to have a go at creating your very own love potion, a drink that will make you feel loved no matter if you drink it yourself or give it to a certain someone and get that look of love in return.


Since we have nothing to hide here, we are proud to share our very own potion with you, we used the very finest Ciroc Vodka, a vodka nothing else compares to, and placed it in a beaker with a dash of magic sauce. You can tell these two get along as the beginning of our love juice instantly turned blue. Then separately we made two opposites attract, lemon and sugar. Sweet and sour, two opposites that blend together and balance each other out. Finally we added a touch of bubble gum to make them stick and since they looked thirsty, finished it off with apple juice.

The real magic happened when we mixed both parts together and at first sight, the cocktail of love turned pink. Our two became one in a beautiful transformation that brought them together forever.

So if you want to celebrate your love, or need some help, come to the Dial and visit the Love Wizards.

Check out the making of Luv Potion!!