It is officially the New Year, a time for new beginnings, when we all make vows to try new things or to better ourselves in some way. It’s also the time for the new Cocktail of the Month!

Introducing the Melon Ball! Yes it looks like an actual melon ball but instead of just being a ball of fruit, we’ve made a juicy cocktail that is sure to make your mouth water. This Month we have used Haku Vodka, if you’re not familiar with it well let me acquaint you it is a Japanese vodka made by the House of Suntory and made with 100% Japanese white rice. The Name Haku means white in Japanese or it could be read as “Brilliant”, a tribute to the craft of mastering a clear, clean luminous vodka.

We mixed Haku with Midori melon liquor, a dash of lemon juice and a healthy dose of pineapple juice to create a delicious fruity cocktail. It’s slightly different to what we usually do, using  Japanese vodka and Melon liquor but with the new year, we thought it would be worth trying something new.