introducing Pravha Pilsner...

Having worked closely with Molson Coors for many years, we have always been very lucky to be able to offer their new products before anyone else or just as they are launched.

When Molson Coors acquired the Staropramen brewery (brewers of the UK’s number one Czech beer) last year we knew that it wouldn’t be long until we got wind of something new and exciting! And we were not wrong, we now have the great pleasure to introduce you to Pravha which is born out of heritage but tailored for today’s modern consumer.

Pravha is a 4% abv premium lager that has the iconic flavour and gentle bitterness of a high quality Czech Pilsner but is crisp, light and refreshing. The pale gold pilsner hits the senses with a light fresh malt sweetness, quickly cleared with a balanced light hop that lingers long enough to invite the next mouthful.

Pravha is currently only available on draught and in a limited amount of bars. We think Pravha is a great tasting beer which we think you will all enjoy. But don’t take our word for it, come and try it for yourself!