Legend has it that each month, the Dial invents a brand new cocktail aimed to please the taste buds and enhance your drinking experience. Well it’s not so much a legend, more of a fact really because it’s that time again and we are proudly representing our nutty side with the all new cocktail, Nutellico!

Now what makes everything better? Puppies? Well yes, but we were thinking chocolate! Specifically a certain spreadable chocolate that goes great on everything. The problem is you can’t drink that happiness spread, so we just went ahead and created our own chocolatey nutty cocktail using Frangelico as our secret weapon.

Dark, yet sweet and refreshing, Frangelico dates back nearly 300 years to the presence of monks living in the hills of Italy. Now we all know monks like a good time, in fact monks have been responsible for making unique takes on alcohol for hundreds of years. These ones in particular are responsible for creating this one of a kind smooth drink. Frangelico is the result of combining crumbled hazelnuts, cocoa, vanilla berries and numerous other natural flavours into a base spirit. Bottled up in a vessel that resembles a monk’s habit, along with a traditional rope belt around its waist which acts as a guarantee to its authenticity and quality.

We took Frangelico and created our nutty chocolate drink by mixing it with real chocolate powder, a hint of chocolate syrup and shaking them all together along with ice cold milk and cream. What better way to present it then by serving our cocktail in a jar of chocolate spread?

The next time your sweet tooth needs satisfying, ask us at the bar for a Nutellico.