Think back to any of your school discos from your youth or any novelty song that you can teach to kids and the hokey cokey will probably spring to mind. Known for its simple tune and easy to follow dance moves (just put your hand in and shake it all about) , the hokey cokey is a cornerstone of everyone’s childhood. Not surprising since its origins can trace all the way back to the 1940s and was a chart hit TWICE in the 80s. The 80s were wild.

The thing is even though it’s been around so long no one has ever explained what it is actually all about. So we’ve decided to give it our own interpretation, not through a revival of the song, that thing is sacred and we could never change that (or maybe we could do a techno remix?), instead we’ve created the Oakey Cokey for this cocktail of the month.


That’s right, the OAKEY Cokey, we either misunderstood how to spell the name or we’ve been very clever to use Jim Beam Double Oak to create a tribute to the song, only with more oak. Jim Beam Double oak is crafted in a charred oak barrel then matured in a second oak barrel, giving it a more distinctive taste full of smooth caramel and toffee flavours. We’ve mixed this with Cacao brown for an added taste of dark chocolate and further enhanced the flavours with added caramel and vanilla. All topped up with the great tasting coke zero and served in, you guessed it, an oak barrel. Of sorts, it’s a steel barrel that fits in your hands, instead of an actual barrel you could fit in.

So that’s the oakey part but for the cokey you surely have to put something in? well how about your whole self just like the song goes? Well when you order one of our cocktail of the months make sure you smile for the camera because we will take snap of you which will be added to the barrel as a garnish of sorts. Your selfie will finish off the drink, so grab a friend and get silly for your photo. its all for fun and that is really what it’s all about.