Lightbulbs are an incredible creation that harness the power of the sun to help us day walkers to see at night. Ok they don’t actually use the sun (unless they are solar powered) but when you think about it, they are an electrifyingly cool invention.

Now I’m all up for the traditional candle lantern every now and then, but unless you live in the 1800s, walking around with one to see at night makes you look a bit creepy, apparently. Lightbulbs are awesome but eventually they run out of life and we just throw them away. Well we found a way to keep them going even after they no longer keep the darkness away. An alternative way for a lightbulb to help you at night time. We turned them into a cocktail. Again! Who’s bright idea was this?

You may remember the original sparktini we did, it went down a treat and it only had a few watts in it. Now the Sparktini is back, bigger, better and with more wattage! Sorry, with more ingredients! To get your circuits going we’ve mixed Tanqueray 10 with passion fruit, lemon, orange juice and apple juice. Creating a slightly sweet cocktail while the citrus ingredients really blend and enhance the citrus notes in the gin.

All this is then shaken at a shocking pace and strained into an Edison lightbulb, minus the electric parts. Fun Fact: the real name for a lightbulb is a lamp! Bulbs are what you put in the ground, lamps are what light up, so they should be called lightlamps, right?

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*They can’t hop!