Finally the sun has come back! It’s time to get outside and enjoy it on our terrace, no doubt, with a cocktail in hand and the tan building nicely. Now of course my Mum always said you need to have a nice cup of tea to cool you down, I never believed her until we invented our latest cocktail of the month, combining my favourite two things, a refreshing cocktail and tea!

We started out with Courvoisier VSOP, the VSOP stands for Very Special Old Pale, and stems from 1817 when the British Royal Court required a cognac that was not sweetened or colured by additives such as sugar and caramel, which was often used back then. The name more directly relates to the age of the cognac though, a mix of different blends of cognac can be used, some being extremely old however if the youngest part is 4 years old, it makes it a VSOP. The biggest take away is that with Courvoisier VSOP, you are getting a beautifully aged cognac each time.


We wanted to use the elegant VSOP and use it for a refreshing drink to enjoy during the Summer, that’s why we went ahead and mixed with a generous serving of raspberry liqueur, a lashing of vanilla syrup and a small dash of lemonade. However we didn’t stop there, we decided to use Britain’s favourite drink, tea. We created our own tea bags using summer berry loose leaf tea and infused it in the cocktail upon serve, letting you decide how strong you want to make it. After that it’s all down to you to sit back and enjoy a taste of Summer.